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Portrait Photography


We believe that good portrait photography should always capture the personality of the sitter; this comes through in many ways, sometimes in a reflective portrait and at other times as something more spontaneous. We set out to create portraits that are natural and timeless rather than a whim of current fashion, so that they can be enjoyed for years. However, we do offer bespoke portrait photography for clients whom are looking for a themed or period portrait.

To achieve this, we always want to allow enough time to get to know you and for you to become relaxed with the camera. We use different locations and lighting conditions to create a variety of approaches - aiming to achieve your ultimate portrait photograph.

We have the greatest fun with families and other personal commissions. Louise and I work as a team to create the best atmosphere for the session. Very often the best shots capture unexpected moments and create the relaxed, informal pictures that many people like.

Most of our sessions are on location, whether this is on Lynchmere Common, close to where we live, or a favourite location of yours. We also do studio based sessions, where you can enjoy tea and cakes at our own rural portrait studio that oozes character and tradition. You can see examples of our work on the Galleries page.

A recent successful innovation has been the combination of landscape art, classic portraiture, and wonderful costumes from a well known theatrical wardrobe which enables us to create photographs that present you in a new light! See the concept of Period Portraiture in practice in our Gallery.

If you are looking for professional portraiture for personal and corporate websites, concert programmes and other publications then we can offer expertise in this field, understanding that people in the arts and business world often have different needs.

We take great pride in offering a personal service that gives you a lifetime memory crafted especially for you.