Maternity and Early Days

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Maternity photography -  Haslemere area photographic studio

Maternity is an exciting time and some mums like to have portraits that give them a special memory of pregnancy in an artistic way. The ideal time for this is from your 32nd to 35th week when your bump is looking amazing but not too close to the actual day! Just after the baby arrives is another magic time. It’s wonderful to capture these unique moments at this time in their lives.  The first two weeks are the best time for this once in a lifetime opportunity! After that, your baby will be changing very quickly!

It’s wonderful to have a series that follows your children as they grow. For £50 you can register to have three sessions over your baby changes from a bundle of fun to a fully mobile little person! We normally charge £95 for a session and so this is a bargain! You can choose one image from each session and will receive the three photographs in a beautiful frame at the end of the series. We have a carefully selected range of prints, wall art and albums if you want a bit extra!

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